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What I think of my hackitosh netbook

by admin on October 3rd, 2009

The pros and cons of my new hacintosh netbook… Or as a friend of mine calls it… hackintrash.

First, why did I get a net book?
My MacBook Pro is just over 4 years old now. It have pretty much been working night and day since I have owned it. It’s my 3rd 15″ mac book. Its a great machine and I have more than got my monies worth, but now it is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Taking my netbook to the office is a good way for me to get some more mileage out of the macbook.

Next, the cons. There aren’t many if you don’t have unreal expectations of the smaller processor. But there are a few things to be aware of. Not everything will work flawlessly. Things like bluetooth, ethernet port and the VGA port may have some issues. The webcam will probably work, but the mic might have an issue.

Most of the netbooks on the market at the time of this writing have less powerful processors and video cards. So, if you’re thinking of running photoshop, think again. Don’t even think about Final Cut.

And, for what ever reason, my netbook likes to have a kernel panic about every 3 and a half days if I dont shut it down from time to time. But I like just closing the lid and putting it to sleep, so i put up with the panics.

Now the pros. For 90% of what I used my macbook for around home and the office, the netbook has been pretty seamless. Now with 3 computers in 3 locations, that I need to work on day to day, keeping information synced would seem a daunting challenge. A few key apps and services are key for me to keep things together.

All of my web dev projects for work, freelance and personal are now kept on SVN. Beanstalk has been a perfect companion for my netbook. I can keep my web development work in sync with all my computers very easily.

To keep documents synced up between all these machines I use DropBox. And all my email is web based so Im covered there.

And to keep all my notes, thoughts and ideas in sync, Evernote is perfect.

Its great moving from machine to machine with virtually no difference in my workflow.

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